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Students are to expand their vocabulary through word recognition, be introduced to figurative language, and learn to recognize the origin pattern of words.
Students are enabled to write clear, coherent, and focused essays, especially on works relating to novels read as a class.
English Level C, students are to use their knowledge of word origins and word relationships to determine the meaning of specialized vocabulary and understand the precise meaning of words.
Spotlights Math Classes take place once per week.From late-January to mid-April, students will have a 12-week prep course for the CAT-6 Test.Students machine a sous classique gratuite las vegas at this level will be equipped with the skills and confidence necessary to become creative and fundamentally sound writers.Contemporary literature, magazines, and online information) to evaluate the unity, coherence, logic, consistency, and structural patterns.Writing Classes are taught in small-group format and are designed to help students work on their essay writing skills.

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During the school year, students will master arithmetic operations, the use of equations, and certain topics in geometry and statistics.
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Vendredi 13 peut aller se rhabiller, pour Raymonde, c'est le dimanche qui risque de rester gravé dans sa mémoire.Spotlight also offers specific CAT-6 test preparation in the two months prior to the test date.The course covers the syntax, grammar, unity, support and coherence of writing.Reading comprehension at this level focuses on narrative and expository text (e.g.Students from Arcadia who are planning to go into 6th grade math next year and who wish to pass the placement test offered by the math program should take Pre-Algebra I at Spotlight during the summer and proceed to Pre-Algebra II during the school.For English classes, we have our own curriculum which covers vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension for junior high school students.The course focuses on various styles of writing that range from expository and narrative essays to business letters and persuasive compositions.Writing Levels A, B, and.