machine a sous hulk halo

Praying that this little dream was gonna feed our babies.
For sad song of charity, halo vente machine a sous vide darty over my demise, following a God so blind.
Spending every penny in the studio slaving.The Christian conspiracy, so open my eyes and see.I was chopping up them bitches like Jason.Fights daily, nights crazy, technique roulette casino 4 in 1 weco dream chasing till the drugs came.Maybe I'll finally sleep, maybe they'll return what's originally mine 'cause finder's keep.This is our time to fight.This poker gratuit en machine is our call to arms.Save me Lord, save me Lord, what the fuck is this curse you gave me, Lord?It's "My labels mad" or "My albums bad" or "You ain't living up to the hype we thought you had".For everything I done did since my beginning.

Like my single flopped, and now I ain't hot.
Set me free, oh, you'll never hold us down, i hope they shit on you.
But, I'm losing faith, every day they got news to break.
Yeah, and the voices in my head get louder.
Me and my mob working any odd job.Wish I could rewind those hours and get my life back.EST for life, motherfucker!Neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore.Had a motherfucker's face laying on the cold pavement.